An oldie with bobwooley - another model beside me
Atlanta, GA
Photo by John Nettles Jr. of City Light Studio in Charleston, SC
After providing SFX makeup to the zombies and special infected of the “Left 4 Dead” video game cosplay photoshoot. Yep. I do makeup, too.
This was SO MUCH FUN. YES.
As caught in “Street Style” by Angel David Verde at Charleston (SC) Fashion Week 2014
Seen here:
Photo & Lighting by Doug Brantley
Model/Makeup/Styling by
Revisiting the past with
I was roaming through some old files of photos when, to my surprise, I stumbled upon a cellphone photo of the time I had the honor to pose for Russian sculpture artist Sergey Eylanbekov. The man could sneeze on a block of clay and it would spring to life.
So I decided to look him up and see what he’s been up to and guess what I found…