So this photo is from the World Premiere of Atlas Shrugged part 2 held in Washington, D.C. in 2012. I am seen here with two of the main stars from the movie - Samantha Mathis (she played Dagny Taggart) and Patrick Fabian (he played James Taggart). They were both so nice and quite passionate about their roles, it was an honor to speak with them, the Atlas Shrugged movie producers, and everyone else present that night. I felt like a complete blunder most of the night though, and was wayyyy too excited to really string very many coherent sentences together… but goodness, what a way to be recognized for your efforts. ^.^ (For those of you who don’t know - I won the Atlas Shrugged ‘earn your way’ video contest for an all-expenses paid trip to see the ASP2 World Premiere showing.)
The video I created was shot while I was repainting my car and reading an Ayn Rand biography. What began as a simple examination and exploration of a video camera quickly became something more when I suddenly found myself with some pretty lethal (to plants, anyway) little caterpillars crawling on my reading at a pretty poignant time in the book which was describing the time in Ayn Rands’ life during that helped shape her childhood as a Jew in Russia. It was a pretty obvious moment for me - I grabbed the camera and started shooting immediately. Luckily it was sitting beside me while I was reading… and then other bugs started appearing. One more menacing looking than the last. With a few shots of these mostly harmless creatures, I wrote up some dialog that suited my emotions and perspectives in line with Ayn Rands’ philosophies and statements. Does she mirror every single one of my life missions, perspectives, or goals? Certainly not, but does she support my right to make that decision for myself? Absolutely.
It all culminated to winning a trip with the love of my life to see Atlas Shrugged 2 in a comfortably crowded theatre full of others who shared similar philosophies on life. 
I’ve enjoyed this mini walk down memory lane. Next #TBT I’ll just share a photo of me with Lady Gaga. It’s bound to happen eventually.
For those interested - The final installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy hits theatres tomorrow, 9/12/14. To find a showing near you visit
"Witch Princess"
This was supposed to be a dark theme. We didn’t have dark fabric or paper…. I always love playing creative with my friend (and crazy awesome super-photographer whose superpower is creating something out of nothing) Ms. DayJa Vue… she always surprises me with her visionary talent.
p.s. that crown is actually a necklace. but now I’ll always wear it like a crown.
Photo by Peter Young taken near Atlanta, GA in Summer 2013